About me

Tatyana Myasnikova


Born: 10 of October, 1971

Location: Almaty (Kazakhstan), Moscow

Education: Almaty Artist College by Gogol (1991)

Almaty State University by Abay (1994)

I’m a freelance artist

Specialty: Art drawing, painting (landscapes), children’s illustration

I have a remote work experience

Personal exhibitions:

«Girl’s pictures» (1994)

«Thoughts from Khabarovsk» (1997)

«Sleepless nights» (1999)

«The night bird» (2003)

Have part in a book: «Anthology of Kazakh Art» (2004)

Works are in museums and private collections in Russia, America, Belgium, Germany, France, Australia and Kazakhstan.

Illustrated books were published in the territories of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Italy, America, Mexico, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Spain.

Other destination: