Botanist and ladybug

Botanist and ladybug

Flight in colors.

Illustration for a fairy tale.

“Only now did the botanist realize what is really happening, he became as tiny as a ladybird, all sorts of tales that his mother read to him in childhood: about Thumbelina, the little boy with a finger, the journey of Nils with the wild geese, But he could not apply it to himself.

“After all, this is magic,” he said, “a fairy tale!” And we scientists should not rely on a miracle. As the growth slowed, the botanist suddenly felt a pleasant state of weightlessness. Everything around was spinning, and he flew again, like in children’s dreams. The ladybird held his hand. ”

(Puhalsky A.)

Ботаник и божья коровка, картон, смеш. техника, 38х41 см.